Clutter Clearing – Where to Get Started

Start with the area that irritates you the most. One benefit of choosing this approach is the fact that having strong feelings is usually a great motivator. It can help you to overcome the initial inertia.

If you are not sure what area of your house bothers you the most, try the following:  sit down, close your eyes and in your mind “walk” through every room. How does your body react to your mental tour around the house. Note any feelings, the good and the bad. Make sure to remember the part of the house that you had a particularly strong reaction to. Open your eyes and write it down. Isn’t it amazing how your body knows? You thought the mess didn’t bother you but your body felt it all along.

Now go to the identified room and look around. Make a list of clutter zones. Start with smaller areas (e.g. a drawer or a small cabinet) and gradually work your way up to the larger ones. That said, some people might do this and get so pumped up that they steamroll through the whole room in one session. That’s okay. Most people however need to start on a smaller scale and go from there. If that’s you, do NOT feel discouraged or bad about yourself. Don’t judge. Make progress in your own time and at your own speed. Find out when and how it is best for YOU to clear your clutter. Do you have a favorite time of the day? Also, consider how much time you have, your level of energy and your willingness to let go of things.

Most important – show intention!  Turn off the phone, don’t answer the door for the time being, focus on the task and DO IT !

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