Life is demanding – every day. Most of us have jobs, a spouse, children, pets, houses, gardens, etc. to take care of. And while we do some things lovingly, others are a drag and there never seems to be enough time. And as if this was not enough some of us just bend over backward every day to do what’s expected of them and lose themselves in the process.

I know what I am talking about. I’ve been there, done that; experienced all of the above before I finally had the guts to face my fears and ask some tough questions.

Consequently, I’ve made changes over the past years, (and, in the process, did not blog for the time being). I don’t want to get into details, but they were truly major changes. I realized something had to give, rather sooner than later. If I would not make certain changes, I would lose myself completely – even more than I already had.

Now, that sounds so easy now that I am writing this but in reality it was a long and painful process – getting to the point where it’s just too painful to go on, making the decision, announcing it and going through with it. I don’t know which part was more excruciating. Coming out at the other end though is all the reward.

Most people when they learned of my decision asked “why?” and my one-word-answer always was “authenticity”. Authenticity is the single most important ingredient for a happy life. Of course, there are others; love and affection, passion, compassion… but all of these can not be developed or enjoyed to the fullest without authenticity. Authenticity is about discovering and knowing who you are and living accordingly. Again, that sounds way easier than it is. There are many humans out there that go through life without ever even having approached the subject. They live, but at what cost.

“Know Thyself” is an ancient Greek aphorism, which just goes to show that the topic is not new to mankind. Many philosophers and poets discussed it and wrote about it throughout the centuries. It’s also been a subject in psychology and psychotherapy for over one hundred years, and in more recent years, a topic of the so-called self-improvement-movement.

For me, it’s an ongoing process, which I truly enjoy. It has also become part of my professional life over the past years, as I by now, I’m proud to say, have a practice for psychotherapy. If you want to know more about that, please go to my website:

I also intend to write more about the subject on this blog. Hope you will join me once in a while and let me know your thoughts. I’m looking forward to it.

Ten Minutes a Day

Going around the house for just 10-15 minutes every day picking up and straightening things can help you keep some general order. Make it a pleasant time of day. Put on some music you like or have your coffee/tea while you do it. Try to enjoy it, it’s possible.

Also, make it a habit to never leave things behind when you go from one area of your house to another. Is there anything that belongs in a different room? Pick it up and take it along the minute you see it, don’t put it off. After a while, it becomes second nature and you don’t even have to think about it. And it really helps to keep a general order. Easy.

Conscious Practice

“The hard must become habit. The habit must become easy. The easy must become beautiful.”     – Doug Henning –

I really like this quote. The process he describes is so essential to creating anything beautiful in your life. It’s practice practice practice, then “it” becomes habit and beauty will follow inevitably.

For more on this subject I recommend reading this blog by Leo Babauta. Enjoy!



Happy Shopping

Refuse, refuse, refuse. Then reduce, reuse, and recycle (and only in that order).       – Bea Johnson

When you do your Christmas shopping consider “waste”. Does the person really need or want the gift you are planning to buy? May be giving your own time (baby sitting, personal shopper, helping with a certain project etc.) or buying gift certificates for services (spa, house cleaning, yoga lessons etc.) are better ideas.

Before buying always think: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle.

Clearing Your Clutter – Success Story

The following is an excerpt from a blog by North Star at Home Based Business. For the full version go to:


Let it inspire you to get started with your own de-cluttering today!

Life will get so much better.


Here comes the re-blog:


Interesting research indicates that a cluttered space in your top home business can slow the brain and cause it to be less creative. Oh, I know of people who have so much clutter in their space – they swear it helps them to feel more creative. But studies have proven that when people work in an organized home based small business environment, they are indeed more creative and more effective. I’ve actually taken a pledge to un-clutter my top home based business space and keep it uncluttered. In August of this year, I took three days to REALLY organize my office and the one space in my home I was allowed to keep cluttered.  I should note, my husband is an amazing man and works to keep the house “clutter-free.” I was allowed one space in my closet and my office to do whatever I wanted. His efforts to de-clutter in those spaces was not appreciated by me – and he eventually learned to stay away!

However, I began reading studies about having a cluttered work space, or clutter in the office of your work from home company and the results were startling. Feng Shui followers swear energy cannot flow in clutter. The theory states that if there is clutter, there can be no creative energy, no attracting energy, no abundant energy and that the room or space stagnates. I decided to see if by de-cluttering my space, I would become more effective, more energetic, more creative, more wealthy, and more calm. The three days in August where I put aside all the pressing projects I had looming and seriously focused on getting rid of the clutter – was quite frankly, difficult and put me outside my comfort zone.

While I had never really enjoyed the clutter, it had not bothered me enough to do anything about it. Granted there were times when I would spend literally hours trying to find where I had put a piece of critical at home based business information, it just never occurred to me to take the time to get organized. I always felt like I didn’t have the time – ironic isn’t it. I had the time to search endlessly for misplaced information, but I didn’t have the time to put things in their home. Yes, I said home. I have come to learn that things need to have their own “home.” Once you’ve named the “home” for the item, it is easy to make sure it always is at home. Since I took the pledge in August to get myself and keep myself organized here are my results.

I get far more accomplished each day. I rarely spend time trying to find anything – I know where most things are and when I use something, I put it back “home”. That way, it is always there when I need it. My to-do list is always where I need it to be so that I can add to it at the end of the day and check off things as they are accomplished. My top home based business income has tripled. Yes. I said tripled. Why? I think it is because I am more focused on doing the actual productive work. I enjoy being in my office, and I never have a sense of things “un-done” weighing in on me.

Before I leave my office each night, I plan my make money from home activities of the week or the next day, I take stock of my home based small business accomplishments for the current day, and I clean my desk off.

I’ve cleaned out my closet space as well and gave away clothes I no longer wore. Interestingly, I have since replaced some of the space with great new classic outfits that suit me much better than the stuff that was stuffing my closet.

The point is, I have noticed new energy, new abundance, new customers, new projects, new ideas, and new processes have flown into my life and business home internet marketing operation. Is it because I de-cluttered? I think it is.




Why Gratitude Is Good

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, very interesting article about the effect of gratitude on one’s well-being. Please take some time and read it.

So, let’s say some sincere Thanks tomorrow (and throughout the year) …

… and then eat, drink and be merry among friends and family   🙂